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On Saturday December 20th, 2014, the usually quiet halls of RMIT campus witnessed RMIT Chess Club’s first held Open Tournament, which lasted through the weekend and ended on Sunday the 21st. RMIT Chess Club was established in 2011, and through its 3 years of operation, has successfully organized many internal chess tournaments within RMIT. This year was the club’s first event that not only expanded outside of the familiar confines of our campus, but also reached city-wide scale: RMIT Open Chess Tournament 2014 was partaken by 19 universities across Ho Chi Minh City. At 9AM at Melbourne Theatre, the opening ceremony of the tournament commenced, decorated by an energetic dance performance. The speeches from the organizers and sponsors followed, and the ceremony was carried out very succinctly. The tournament started promptly at 10:30AM in Sports Hall, where the event filled the place with the distinct atmosphere of highly-focused wills at work. RMIT Open Chess Tournament 2014 concluded with the following championships: In the male single-elimination section, Phùng Đức Anh from HCMC University of Science and Technology led at first place, followed by Ngũ Như Long from HCMC University of Pedagogy, placed second, and Nguyễn Hào Hiệp from Posts &Telecoms Institute of Technology at third place. In the female single-elimination section, Trần Thị Hồng Duyên from FPT University claimed the first prize, followed by Nguyễn Lê Như Ngọc from Posts &Telecoms Institute of Technology, and the third place was awarded to Nguyễn Hải Phương Duyên from FPT University. In the male team-elimination section, HCMC University of Science and Technology led first place, followed by Van Lang University, and FPT University. In the female team-elimination section, FPT University claimed first prize, and the second occupied by Van Lang University, and third prize was for HCMC University of Law. Finally, for the tournament-scale prize, FPT University led at first place. Van Lang University placed at second, and University of Law at third. Overall, the Tournament was a success for RMIT Chess Club, despite it being the first formal city-scale event the body first organized. Surely strategic mental skills were tested that day, and the event was a good premise for more tournaments to come.

In most developed countries around the world, King Chess is one of the top sports that always receives attention and investment. In Vietnam, King Chess is still a new sport and this is why it faces many disadvantages. However, having overcome difficulties and hard times, we have won significant achievement on international field. This shows the major ability and potential in playing chess of national players. If King Chess had received more attention, it could have achieved better results.

Eventually, after a long time planning and preparing, RMIT Chess Club collaborates with Vietnam Chess Federation and HCMC Chess Federation to organize and proudly present RMIT Open Chess Tournament 2014.

About RMIT Vietnam Open Chess Tournament 2014

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This event was developed in accordance with the guideline and direction of the club for students at RMIT. It is a playground with healthy sports and physical activities for students studying at RMIT, where students can develop their practical abilities, soft skills, organizational skills events before entering the real world. Besides that, the tournament also contributes to the development of chess movement of students in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and Vietnam in general. For these reasons, over a long period of warm compost, building plans and prepare, RMIT Chess Club, Vietnam Chess Federation - VCF and Ho Chi Minh City Chess Federation - HCF organized the "RMIT Vietnam Open Chess Tournament 2014 Season 1".


Create a chess playground for students of RMIT University.

Create activities that link all the clubs in RMIT University.

Develop chess movement for students.

Attract funding and investment for useful activities for students.

Attract the attention of society and high school students about the environment of RMIT University.

Date: December 20th and 21st, 2014

Location: RMIT University Vietnam, 702 Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, Ward Tan Phong, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Scale: Major scale - the whole city with the participation of 28 universities in Ho Chi Minh City. Total number of athletes participating estimated of up to 300. The tournament is organized with the collaboration of VCF and HCF.

The unit reported: Tuoi Tre News, Thanh Nien News, HTV Sports and other media.

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